Sixty Year's Experience in Operating the Rybinsk Reservoir
Formation of the Runoff of Small Rivers in the Southern Ural Region
Causes of Geochemical Diversity of Carbon Dioxide Water in Crystalline Rock Masses
Geochemical and Isotopic Indicators of Hydrodynamic Systems in Crystalline Rock Mass
The Evolution of the Eastern Part of the Terek Mouth Area in the Period of the Caspian Sea Level Rise
Nonlinear Models of River Runoff Variations
Methane and the Microbiological Processes of Its Transformations in the Water of the Upper Volga Reservoirs
The Role of Suspended Manganese in Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation in the Black Sea Redox-Zone
Effect of Anthropogenic Load Variations on the Hydrochemical and Hydrobiological Regime of the Ivan'kovo Reservoir
Organic Matter Utilization and Destruction in Water Bodies at Different Trophic Level
Relationships between Atmospheric Precipitation, Evaporation, Temperature, and Production of Aquatic Ecosystems
Impact of Potential Climate Warming on Evaporation from Forest Drainage Basins in the Eastern Fennoscandia
Parameterization of Heat and Moisture Exchange on Land Surface in Areas with Moderate Continental Climate
Analysis of Flow and Sediment Transport Characteristics in Sand Beds