Water Level Fluctuations in the Kuban River Delta over the Period of Many Years
Impact of Reservoirs on the Fauna
Geoecological Characteristics of Lake Seliger
Ladoga and Onega Hydrological Regimes and Their Variations
Level of Lake Ladoga at Possible Climate Changes
A Nonlinear Model of Level Variations in the Caspian Sea
Riverbed Deformations in the Zones of Submerged Crossings of Main Pipelines
Methane Formation and Consumption Processes in the Littoral Zone of the Rybinsk Reservoir
Structural Variations of Bottom Sediments in the Rybinsk Reservoir
Organic Matter in the Waters of Lake Pleshcheevo Basin at the Present Stage
Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Protozoa on Methane Bacterial Oxidation in Water Bodies
The Role of Dispersants in the Processes of Oil Transformation and Oxidation in Aquatic Environment
Hygiene and Sanitary Conditions of Water Sources and Water Supply Systems of Primorskii Krai
Assessment of the Effect of Hydrometeorological Factors on the Regime of Syamozero Level Variations at Drainage Amelioration
On the Problem of Environmental Rehabilitation of River Basins
Accumulation of Heavy Metals by Macrophytes at Different Levels of Pollution of Aquatic Medium
The Caspian Environmental Program and the Caspian Research Network, Project of the Council of Europe