Long-Term Variability of Natural Groundwater Resources in the Moscow Region
On the Rate of Radionuclide Migration in Groundwater
Strontium Migration in Groundwater of Fluvioglacial Sediments in the Khibiny Massif
Construction of Complex Indices to Characterize the External Water Exchange of Lakes under the Conditions of Uncertainty and Deficiency of Hydrological Data
On the Method of Numerical Taxonomy as Applied to Classification of Water Bodies
Studying Long-term Variations in the Caspian Sea with the Use of the Theory of Stochastic Differential Equations
Friction Stress at the Bed of Under-Ice Flow and Its Influence on the Biota Living Conditions in Rivers
Assessment of Turbulence Parameters of Slope Watercourses
Assessment of Critical Loads of Acid Fallout for Surface Waters
Use of Structural Characteristics of Bacterio- and Zoobenthos for Assessing the Quality of Bottom Deposits
Modification of Pantle–Buck Technique for Assessing Watercourse Pollution Based on Macrobenthos Quality Characteristics
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Biogenic Elements Flow and Water Quality in a Small River
Phosphorus Distribution in Bottom Deposits of the Mozhaisk Reservoir
Vertical Distribution of Phosphorus Concentrations in the Mozhaisk Reservoir in Summer
Specific Features in the Formation of the Mine Water Microelement Composition during Ore Mining
The Role of Collecting Drainage Systems in the Formation of Chemical Composition of Lake Water in the Amu Darya Lower Reaches
Grigorii Vasil'evich Voropaev (1932–1999)
Valentina Arturovna Shablevskaya (1932–1997)