Some Estimates of Coastal Erosion in Russia
Analysis of Hydrological and Fluviomorphological Regimes of the Ob River Delta
The Hydrological Regime and the Peculiarities of Formation of the Po River Delta
Pressure Variations with Depth in Aquifers with or without Groundwater Leakage
Regime of Low-Frequency Wave Motion in the Coastal Zone of the Northwestern Caspian Sea
Analysis of Space and Time Variations in the Suspended Matter Distribution in Kaliningrad Bay of the Baltic Sea
The Role of Density-Driven Convection in the Formation of Hydrogeochemical Zonality in Artesian Basins
The Effect of a Thermal Power Station on the Concentrations of Metals and Silicon in the Water of a Small Siberian River
Reduction of the Trophic Status of a Water Body with the Use of Large-Size Zooplankton
Specific Features of Humic Substances Oxidation in Surface Waters in the Presence of Glucose
Hydrochemical Characteristics of Lake Kuril'skoe
Radionuclides in the Natural–Anthropogenic System Comprising a Nuclear Power Plant and a Cooling Reservoir
Hydrological Changes and Their Effect on the Radiological Characteristics in the Chernobyl Abandoned Zone
Legal Aspects of Natural Resources Management in the Basin of the Sea of Azov
80th Birthday of Efim L'vovich Minkin