Application of the Theory of Extreme Events to Problems of Approximating Probability Distributions of Water Flow Peaks
Synchronous Changes in the Diatom Complexes and Hydrological Conditions in the Middle and Southern Caspian Paleobasins
Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Formation of the Kamennaya Steppe Water Regime
On Estimating Chemical Discharge into the World Ocean with Groundwater
Modeling Salt-Accumulation Processes in Subsoil Waters in Areas with Insufficient Moistening
Mathematical Modeling of Displacement Processes in Confined Flows in Coastal Aquifers
Mathematical Modeling of Complex Reaches of Large River Channels
A Method for Evaluating Flow Characteristics in the Coastal Zone
Water Self-Purification in the Mozhaisk Reservoir in Winter
Evaluation of the Rybinsk Reservoir Trophic Status Using the Potential of Biogenic Elements Regeneration
Changes in Hydrochemical Characteristics of Water Bodies in the Southern Aral Region
Behavior of Strontium, Fluorine, and Boron in the Kuban and Don Mouth Areas
Analysis of Time Series of the Ufa River Water Pollution by Benz[a]pyrene
Current Desalination of the Sea of Azov and Its Correlation with Long-Term Variations in Atmospheric Circulation
Modeling Water and Heat Regimes of Arid Areas at Varying Atmospheric Precipitation
Once Again about the Structural Approach to the Analysis of Empirical Data
A New Book about Groundwater1