Analysis of Palynological Complexes of Deep-Sea Sediments in the Middle and Southern Caspian
Investigation of Water-Exchange Processes in the Caspian Sea on the Basis of Isotopic and Oceanographic Data
Statistical Estimates of the Dependence of the Caspian Sea Level and the Volga Runoff on the Amount of Precipitation onto the Volga Watershed
Schemes of Profile Models of Heat and Mass Transfer in Large Lakes
Energy Characteristics of the Transient Flow Effect on Channel and Bank Deformations and the Formation of Flow Secondary Pollution from Bottom Sediments
The Effect of Alongshore Protection Structures on Shore Dynamics
On Seasonal Alternation of Priority Factors that Control the Rate of Oxygen Consumption by Soils in a Valley-Type Reservoir
Phytoplankton and Its Pigment Characteristics as Production Indexes of the Upper Volga Reservoirs (Yaroslavl Province)
Studies of Hydrochemical and Kinetic Characteristics of Small Water Bodies in the Context of Their Eutrophication
Water Quality of Small Rivers in the Zone of Influence of Gold-Mining Facilities in Krasnoyarsk Region
Variations in Methane Concentrations in the Water of the Don River and Taganrog Bay under the Effect of Natural Factors
Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Caspian Sea
A Study of Oil Biodegradation in the Black Sea Water
Oil Products in Bottom Sediments of Freshwater Bodies
Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination by Organochlorine Pesticides in the Area of Caucasian Mineral Water
On Environmentally Safe Withdrawal of River Water