Variation of the Regime of River Flow Fluctuations under the Condition of Its Regulation
Modeling the Mozhaisk Reservoir Genetic Structure
Bottom Sediments of the Caspian Sea as an Indicator of Changes in Its Water Regime
The Geochemical Prerequisites for the Formation of High-Carbonate Inversion Groundwater with Reduced Dissolved Solids Content in Deep Horizons of Oil-and-Gas Bearing Structures
Current Variations in the Wind Speed Vector and the Rate of Evaporation from the Caspian Sea Surface
Relationships between Water Flow and Dissolved Solids Discharge in the Major Tributaries of Lake Baikal
Environmental Risk and Environmental Damage to Surface Water Quality
Evaluation of Sea Water Quality in the Coastal Zone of Primor'e Using the Method of Microbial Indication
Modeling Lake Ladoga Zoobenthos and Studying Its Role in Phosphorus Exchange at the Water–Bed Interface
Studying the Applicability of Splines to the Formalization of Hydrological Processes in Water Management Problems
Water Quality Control in Watercourses