Principles of Hydrogeological Zoning by the Conditions of Formation and the Distribution of the Natural Resources of Fresh Groundwater
Hydrogeological Zoning of the Central Minusinsk Basin by the Conditions of Formation of Fresh Groundwater Resources
Variations in the Hydrological Regime of Kara-Bogaz-Gol Gulf, Lake Issyk-Kul, and the Aral Sea Assessed Based on Data of Bottom Sediment Studies
Diurnal Variations in the Rate of Gas Exchange between Lake Baikal and the Atmosphere
On the Interaction between Flow and Erodible Bed
Dynamics of the Yenisei and Pur River Deltas
Analysis of Numerical Procedures for Solving Mass Transport Problems at a Regional Scale
Modeling Physical Impact on Water Environment at Accidents on Underwater Gas Pipelines
Assessment of the Similarity of Model and Parent Ecosystems Based on Data of Fresh Water Remote Monitoring
Water Quality Assessment Based on Chemical and Biological Characteristics
Plant Pigments in the Ivankovo Reservoir Silts as Indicators of Destruction Processes
Effect of Phototrophic Bacteria on Water Blooming
Water Consumption and Drainage in the Volga Basin
Artur Borisovich Avakyan (1920–2003)
Guidelines to Authors