Groundwater Runoff in Karelia
Effect of a Freshwater Layer Overlying Salt Water on the Regime of Replacement in Confined Coastal Aquifers
On the Relationship between the Latitudinal Hydrological and Landscape Zones
Transformation of the Ebro River Delta under the Impact of Intense Human-Induced Reduction of Sediment Runoff
Sediment Budget in Klaipeda Strait
Fishery Water Releases to the Lower Pool of the Volgograd Hydroelectric Power Plant
Seasonal Variations in the Forms of Heavy Metal Occurrence in the Kuibyshev Reservoir Waters and Bottom Deposits
Role of Methane Cycling in Organic Matter Turnover in Different Types of Lakes
Effect of Water Acidification on the Calcium and Magnesium Concentrations in Caddis Fly Larvae
Biological Analysis of Water Quality in the Noril'sko-Pyasinskaya System
A Scenario of Possible Effect of Changes in the Hydrological Conditions on the Medical and Environmental Situation
Long-Term Prediction of Water Quality in Marine Water Areas
Present-Day Conditions of Limnic Ecosystems in the Lower Reaches of the Amu Darya
A Mathematical Model of Water Supply System Management
Present-Day Issues of Studies and Use of Groundwater for Drinking Needs
60th Anniversary of Vladislav Aleksandrovich Rumyantsev