Climatic Change and the Dynamics of River Runoff into the Arctic Ocean
Deltas as Indicators of Natural and Human-Induced Changes in the Regimes of Rivers and Seas
The Basic Principles and Recommendations for the Assessment and Mapping of the Degree of Groundwater Protection against Pollution
Water Exchange between Bed Depressions in Baikal
Dynamic–Stochastic Modeling of Rivers Rising from Lakes
Structural Analysis of Time Series of Maximum Spring Levels of Natural Waters
Formation of Vertical Thermal Structure in Lakes in Northwestern Russia and Finland
Hydraulic Resistance of Different-Type River Channels with Manifestations of Karst and Suffosion Processes
Modeling of Flow at Hydraulic Structures in the Shelf Zone of Seas
Hydrophysical Factors Controlling the Formation of Hypoxic Zones in the Pregolya River
Estimation of Daily Sums of Radiation Fluxes onto Slope Surfaces
Bacteriobenthos of the Upper Volga Reservoirs as a Characteristic of Their Environmental State
A System for Monitoring of the State of Damming Hydraulic Structures
Principles of Substantiating the Functional Reliability of Systems Based on the Combined Use of Surface and Subsurface Water Resources
Aleksei Aleksandrovich Konoplyantsev (1913–2003)