Principles of Typification and Zoning of River Mouth Areas (Analytical Review)
Hydrological–Morphological Zoning of the Mouth Zone of the Selenga River
Elision and Infiltration Waters in the Northern Caspian
Calculating Sediment Transport in the Coastal Zone of the Sea
On the Critical Velocities and Depths in a Nonuniform Steady Flow in an Open Channel
Study of Heavy Metal Compound Transformations in Surface Waters
Distribution of Heavy Metals in Lake Seliger Bottom Deposits
Copper (II) Speciation in a Freshwater Ecosystem
Heavy Metals in the Water and Bottom Sediments of the Selenga River Delta
Concentrations of Microelements in the Caspian Sea and Different Occurrence Types of Dissolved Elements in Marine Environment (Based on Expedition Data of 1995)
Anthropogenic and Natural Components of Hydrocarbons in the Water of Lake Nero in Yaroslavl Oblast
Assessing the Effect of Agricultural Production on the Organic and Biogenic Matter Runoff into the Psel River
Effect of Anthropogenic Eutrophication on Zooplankton Distribution in Kondopoga Bay of Lake Onega
Contribution of Major Groups of Autotrophic Organisms to Primary Production of Water Bodies
On the Problem of Differential Payment for the Use of Different-Quality Surface Waters in Ukraine
On the Impact of Waterworks on River Channels1
Topical Issues of Reservoirs1