The Impact of Deltas on the Mean Long-Term Water River Runoff
Water Resources of the Russian Federation in the 20th Century
Variations in Runoff from Drained Swamps and Swampy Lands Involved in Agricultural Production
The Effect of the Long-Term Variations in Climate Conditions on the Hydrological Structure and Ecology of the Black Sea
Long-Term Variations in the Vertical Thermohaline Structure in Deep-Water Zones of the Caspian Sea
Frequency-Dependent Energy Dissipation of Irregular Breaking Waves
Water Turbidity in Overland Watercourses during Showers
The Role of Microorganisms in the Transformation of Biogenic Substances in the Caspian Sea Ecosystem
Assessment of Anthropogenic Impact on Marine Ecosystems and Biological Resources in the Process of Oil and Gas Field Development in the Shelf Area
Compounds of Reduced Inorganic Sulfur in the Waters of the White Sea and the Northern Dvina Mouth
Assessing Organic Carbon and Suspended Matter Runoff in the Yenisei Basin
Significance of Pigment Characteristics of Phytoplankton in Water Quality Estimating
Water Quality Estimation Based on Histological Investigations of Fish
Present-Day Estimates of the Hydrological Conditions for the Formation of Biological Production in the Sea of Azov
Potential Changes in Aquatic Biota in the Period of Global Climate Warming
Study of Deep-Sea Wastewater Discharge
Intensification of Biological Afterpurification of Municipal Wastewater by Some Pleistophyte Species