Typification of Safe Groundwater Yield
Lake Baikal and the Angara River before and after the Construction of Reservoirs
Numerical Modeling of Ice Jams
Open Channel Waves that Form after the Removal of a Screen before Uneven Bed
The Effect of Synthetic Surfactants on the Hydrobiological Mechanisms of Water Self-Purification
Functioning of the White Sea Ecosystem
Trends in the Chemical Pollution and Dynamics of Kaliningrad Bay
Environmental Condition of Water Bodies in the Territory of an Oil–Gas Condensate Field (the Pechora Delta)
Results of Hydrochemical Studies of Lake Azabach'e (Kamchatka)
Carbon-Oxidizing and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Mozhaisk Reservoir Soils
On Relationships between Characteristics of Benthic Communities and Some Characteristics of Their Habitat
Migration of Strontium, Calcium, Fluorine, and Boron in the Caucasian Coastal Area of the Black Sea
Geological Zoning of Water Catchment Area
Effects of Trace Elements on Human Metabolism and Their Presence in the Potable Water of Ganga–Nim Groundwater Basin, India
70th Anniversary of Aleksandr Mikhailovich Chernyaev