Regional Estimation of Fresh Groundwater Vulnerability
Groundwater Runoff into the Gulf of Finland
Analysis of Methods of Hydrogeological Mapping
Modeling Water Flow in the Presence of Higher Vegetation
On the Effect of Bed Conditions on the Formation of Loose Sediment Transport
Water Chemical Composition of Karelian Rivers and Their Dissolved Chemical Discharge into the White Sea
Organic Matter and Its Transformation Rates in Spawning and Fattening Lakes in Kamchatka
Dynamics of Phosphorus and Balance Estimate of Its Exchange Processes with the Bed in the Mozhaisk Reservoir during Vegetation Period
On the Vertical Redistribution of Phosphorus Forms in Silts of a Small Reservoir
Effect of Atmospheric Emissions of the Vorkuta Industrial Region on the Chemical Composition of Lake Sediments
Complex Isotopic and Hydrogeochemical Studies of Groundwater in the Kirov Region
Assessment of the Trophic State of Lake Ladoga Tributaries and the Neva River by Phytoplankton
Water Quality Estimation Based on the Structural Analysis of Diatomic Complexes
Methodology for Substantiation of Water Resources Management Strategies
All-Russia Conference on Groundwater of Eastern Russia
Vladimir Mikhailovich Shvets (to the 75th Anniversary)
The 60th Anniversary of Gennadii Nikolaevich Panin