Estimating Characteristics of Maximum Runoff with the Use of Specific Information and Regional Relationships
Formation and Distribution of Salt Lakes in Pribaikal'e and Zabaikal'e Regions
Thermohaline Analysis of the La Perouse Strait Water
Seasonal Variations in Thermo-, Halo-, and Pycnocline in the Northeastern Part of the Black Sea (Based on Long-Term Data)
Surge Variations in Water Level in the Danube Mouth
Estimating the Energy of an Ice-Covered Flow
A Technique for Evaluating Flow Parameters in Water Bodies with a Highly Heterogeneous Depth
Comprehensive Evaluation of Continental Surface Water Quality
The Environmental Conditions of the Sheksna Reservoir: Assessment Based on Microbiological Investigations
Hydrochemical and Microbiological Characteristics of the Gusino-Ubukunskaya Group of Water Bodies
Oil Products in Bottom Sediments of Water Bodies in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
Instability of the Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Groundwater in Krasnodar Territory
Reconstruction of the Paleohydrological Conditions in the Central Kola Peninsula in Holocene on the Basis of Diatom Analysis of Lacustrine and Boggy Deposits
Mechanism of Wetting and River Runoff in the East European Plain
Geoenvironmental Problems Of Recreational Use of the Ivankovo Reservoir