Statistical methods for river runoff prediction
Analysis of formation factors of groundwater natural resources in platform territories
Variations in the Black Sea water salinity from its latest salinization to the present state
Mean wind speed profiles in the surface layer above wavy water surface
Formation of fish kills and anaerobic conditions in the Sea of Azov
Ecotoxicological approach to water quality assessment
Statistical assessment of relationships between water flow in a river and water turbidity in water intakes
Hysteresis effect in nutrient sorption by boggy sediments
Prediction of water salinity in the Yumaguzinskoe Reservoir under construction
Comparative analysis of biotic indices in the monitoring system of running water in a biospheric reserve
Microbial community of the oxidized layer of Lake Baikal bottom sediments in the Selenga mouth
Survival rate of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in groundwater
Biomonitoring of the coastal waters of the Black Sea
Tritium in atmospheric precipitation over the European territory of CIS as an indicator of climatic changes
Martin Gaikovich Khublaryan (to the 70th anniversary)