Regularities in the Formation of Groundwater Level Regime in Moscow Region
Natural Tritium as an Indicator of Changes in the Vertical Structure of Caspian Sea Water Mass with Sea Level Variations
Ecotoxicological Assessment of After-Effects of the Volga River Water Contamination
Express Assessment of Water Toxicity Based on Bioassaying
Transformations of Organogenic Substances in the White Sea Ecosystem
Probabilistic Regularities in Unfavorable Hydrochemical Phenomena
Seasonal Variability of the Distribution of Dissolved Forms of Biogenic Elements and Alkalinity in the Northern Dvina Mouth
Bioindication of Mercury Pollution of the Dubossary Reservoir
Chemical Hydrology of Mine Pit Lakes of the Bakala Geotechnic System (Southern Urals)
Biochemogenic Calcite as an Important Component of Matter Turnover in the Eutrophic Mozhaisk Reservoir
Distribution and Activity of Bacteriobenthos in the Upper Volga Reservoirs
Experimental Studying Polluted Water Treatment in Northern China
Multilevel Models in the Problems of River Water Quality Management
Leonid Semenovich Yazvin (1933-2005)