Characteristics of the Ecosystems of Water Bodies Separating from Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea
Present-Day Water Economy Balances of Major River Basins in the Russian Federation
Seasonal Forecasts of Extreme Groundwater Levels
Absorption of Solar Radiation by Snow-and-Ice Cover of Lakes
Dependence of Groundwater Flow Direction on Variations in Its Salinity
Biotransformation of Organogenic Substances in the Aniva Bay Waters
Seasonal and Long-Term Variations in the Concentrations and Discharges of Biogenic Substances in the Razdolnaya River (Primorskii Krai)
Assessment of Chemical Input into the Drainage Network from Karelian River Basins
On the Distribution of Mineral Nitrogen Forms in Polluted River Reaches in Urban Territories
Specific Features of Manganese Distribution in Natural Waters of Transbaikalia
Studying Organic Species in Water by Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy with a Source of Excitation in Mid-UV Range (266 nm)
Hydrochemical Analyses and Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of North Jordan
Concept of Water Resources System Management Based on the Combined Use of Surface and Subsurface Waters
Freshwater Deficiency and the World Market
Water Supply Issues
VI Conference “Dynamics and Thermal Conditions of Rivers, Reservoirs, and Coastal Zone of Seas”