Analysis of Many-Year Variations in River Runoff into the Arctic Ocean
The Efficiency of Water Resources Management in Volga Basin
The Sources of Uncertainty in Forecasting Caspian Sea Level and Estimating the Inundation Risk of Coastal Areas
Monitoring Tidal Conditions in Estuaries of the Karelian Coast of the White Sea
Retrospective Assessment of Bottom Deposits in Kondopoga Bay, Lake Onega
Assessment of the Geochemical Background and Anthropogenic Load by Bioaccumulation of Microelements in Fish
Analysis of Conditions of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transformations in Seawater and Simulation of This Process in Aniva Bay
Groundwater Monitoring at the Facilities of Oil and Gas Complex
Evaluation of Microphytobenthos Productivity in Lake Pleshcheevo Based on Plant Pigment Stock
Studying the Delta and Shallow Offshore Zone of the Volga River Based on Space Photographs
International Conference and Young Scientists School CITES-2005
70th Anniversary of Anatolii Maksimovich Nikanorov
80th Anniversary of Oleg Fedorovich Vasil'ev