Bottom Compensative Countercurrents in Plain-Type Reservoirs
Water Circulation, Sediment Dynamics, Erosional and Accumulative Processes in the Gironde Estuary (France)
Mathematical Modeling of Bed Deformations in Ice-Covered Non-Steady-State Flows
Probabilistic Interpretation of Forecasts of Ice Phase Onset Dates in Ob-Taz Mouth Area
Environmental Monitoring in a Gas Production Area on the Northwestern Black-Sea Shelf
Quality Assessment of Wastewater and Natural Waters by Using a Biochemical Index—The Activity of Acid Phosphatase in Freshwater Mollusks
Chemical Composition of Organic and Mineral Substances in Silt Bottom Sediments of Non-Contaminated Water Bodies
Dynamics of Groundwater Chemistry in the Water-Rock System in a Megalopolis
Radionuclides and Microelements in Natural Waters in the Zone of a Uranium-Vanadium Deposit (Republic of Karelia)
Hydrology and Nutrient Dynamics of Spring of Almora-Binsar Area, Indian Central Himalaya
Primary Production and Phytoplankton Characteristics as Eutrophication Criteria of Kursiu Marios Lagoon, the Baltic Sea
Input of Chemical Substances with Atmospheric Precipitation Onto the Territory of Karelia
International Scientific Conference on Problems of Water Resources, Geothermy, and Geoecology
VII International Congress and Exhibition “Water: Environment and Technology” ECWATECH-2006, Moscow, “Crocus Expo” exhibition center, May 30–June 2, 2006