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Frederick Dana Hess: A Remembrance
In Memoriam—Larry Mitich
Rapid Publication Diuron-resistant Poa annua is resistant to norflurazon
RAPD analysis of genetic variation among propanil-resistant and -susceptible Echinochloa crus-galli populations in Arkansas
Absorption and translocation of glyphosate isopropylamine and trimethylsulfonium salts in Abutilon theophrasti and Setaria faberi
Absorption and translocation of triclopyr ester in Populus tremuloides
Pollen flow between herbicide-resistant Brassica napus is the cause of multiple-resistant B. napus volunteers 1
Rapid detection of propanil and fenoxaprop resistance in Echinochloa colona
Phytotoxicity, uptake, and distribution of 14C-simazine in Acorus gramenius and Pontederia cordata
Influence of formulated glyphosate and activator adjuvants on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in glyphosate-resistant and -susceptible Glycine max
Apocynum cannabinum interference in no-till Glycine max
Secale cereale interference and economic thresholds in winter Triticum aestivum
Spatial and temporal expansion patterns of Apocynum cannabinum patches
Rhizobacteria associated with weed seedlings in different cropping systems
Characterization of the Orobanche - Arabidopsis system for studying parasite-host interactions
Factors affecting germination and seed production of Eriochloa villosa
Effect of rotational crop herbicides on water- and dry-seeded Oryza sativa
Optimizing postemergence herbicide deposition and efficacy through application variables in no-till systems
Time-dependent adsorption of imazethapyr to soil
Factors influencing the herbicidal activity of Nep1, a fungal protein that induces the hypersensitive response in Centaurea maculosa
Common and Chemical Names of Herbicides Approved by the Weed Science Society of America