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50th Anniversary—Invited Article Assembly theory applied to weed communities
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Pitted morningglory interference in drill-seeded glyphosate-resistant soybean
Hemp sesbania interference in drill-seeded glyphosate-resistant soybean
Growth analysis and canopy architecture of velvetleaf grown under light conditions representative of irrigated Mediterranean-type agroecosystems
Infestation and spatial dependence of weed seedling and mature weed populations in corn
Modeling purple nutsedge sprouting under soil solarization
Estimating giant foxtail cohort productivity in soybean based on weed density, leaf area, or volume
Evaluation of Plectosporium tabacinum for control of herbicide-resistant and herbicide-susceptible false cleavers
Dinitroaniline resistant annual bluegrass in North Carolina
Economic evaluation of HADSS Symbol computer program in North Carolina peanut
Residual effects of crop rotation and weed management on a wheat test crop and weeds
Management programs and crop rotations influence populations of annual grass weeds and yellow nutsedge
Accuracy and cost effectiveness of GPS-assisted wild oat mapping in spring cereal crops