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Invited Paper Chemicals from nature for weed management
Environmental factors affecting germination of apple of Peru
Influence of temperature and relative humidity on the foliar activity of mesotrione
Critical periods of weed control in soybean for full field and in-furrow interference
Interference of red rice in rice grown in Greece
2,4-D and Sclerotinia minor to control common dandelion
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Introduction to the symposium on dormancy in seeds and vegetative propagules
Contemporary methods to investigate seed and bud dormancy
A molecular approach to understanding root bud dormancy in leafy spurge
Molecular genetic analysis of dormancy-related traits in poplars
Ecology and ecological genetics of seed dormancy in downy brome
Applications of hydrothermal time to quantifying and modeling seed germination and dormancy
Reflections on investigating dormancy-breaking chemicals—a balance of logic and luck
Weeds, seeds, and buds—opportunities and systems for dormancy investigations