Characterization of two biotypes of imidazolinone-resistant eastern black nightshade ( Solanum ptycanthum )
Common waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis ) resistance to protoporphyrinogen oxidase-inhibiting herbicides
Glyphosate translocation in common lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) and velvetleaf ( Abutilon theophrasti ) in response to ammonium sulfate
Absorption, translocation, and metabolism of CGA 362622 in cotton and two weeds
Correlations among relative crop and weed growth stages
Interference of large crabgrass ( Digitaria sanguinalis ) with snap beans
Identification and characterization of different accessions of itchgrass ( Rottboellia cochinchinensis )
Above- and belowground interference of purple and yellow nutsedge ( Cyperus spp.) with tomato
Dry matter yield differences of five common cocklebur ( Xanthium strumarium ) biotypes grown at a common site
Growth, reproduction, and photosynthesis of ragweed parthenium ( Parthenium hysterophorus )
Interference of redroot pigweed ( Amaranthus retroflexus ) with snap beans
Neutral density shading and far-red radiation influence black nightshade ( Solanum nigrum ) and eastern black nightshade ( Solanum ptycanthum ) growth
Morphological differences, molecular characterization, and herbicide sensitivity of catchweed bedstraw ( Galium aparine ) populations
Assessment of soil sampling methods to estimate wild oat ( Avena fatua ) seed bank populations
MON 37500 application timing affects cheat ( Bromus secalinus ) control and winter wheat
Effect of biocontrol insects on diffuse knapweed ( Centaurea diffusa ) in a Colorado grassland
Introduction to the symposium on invasive plant species: visions for the future
Eradication—preventing invasions at the outset
Plant invasions—process and patterns
Principles for restoring invasive plant-infested rangeland
Applying ecological principles to wildland weed management
Knowledge networks: an avenue to ecological management of invasive weeds