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Pesticide metabolism in plants and microorganisms
Glyphosate-resistant soybean response to various salts of glyphosate and glyphosate accumulation in soybean nodules
Identification of genes induced in emerging tillers of wild oat ( Avena fatua ) using Arabidopsis microarrays
Absorption, translocation, and metabolism of AE F130060 03 in wheat, barley, and Italian ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum ) with or without dicamba
Responses of winter wheat and diclofop-methyl-sensitive and -resistant Italian ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum ) to AE F130060 03
Water use and light interception under Palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) and corn competition
Differential response of weed species to added nitrogen
Interference between corn and johnsongrass ( Sorghum halepense ) from seed or rhizomes
Influence of nitrogen and duration of weed interference on corn growth and development
Effect of purple ( Cyperus rotundus ) and yellow nutsedge ( C. esculentus ) on growth and reflectance characteristics of cotton and soybean
Winter survival of late emerging purple loosestrife ( Lythrum salicaria ) seedlings
Weed seed rain, soil seedbanks, and seedling recruitment in no-tillage crop rotations
Weed control and root maggots: making canola pest management strategies compatible
Competition and control of smellmelon ( Cucumis melo var. dudaim Naud.) in cotton
Soil temperature and soil water effects on pygmyflower ( Androsace septentrionalis ) emergence
Clopyralid effects on yellow starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ) and nontarget species
Rice cultivar differences in suppression of barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ) and economics of reduced propanil rates
Phytotoxic effects of salinity, imazethapyr, and chlorimuron on selected weed species
Application of decision-support software for postemergence weed control
Influence of hairy vetch residue on atrazine and metolachlor soil solution concentration and weed emergence
Sorption-desorption of cyanazine in three Mississippi delta soils