Glyphosate efficacy, absorption, and translocation in pitted morningglory ( Ipomoea lacunosa)
Fate of acifluorfen and lactofen in common waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis) resistant to protoporphyrinogen oxidase-inhibiting herbicides
Resistance to ACCase-inhibiting herbicides in sprangletop (Leptochloa chinensis)
Weed seedbank and community shifts in a long-term cropping systems experiment
Integrating disturbance and colonization during rehabilitation of invasive weed-dominated grasslands
Prairie cupgrass ( Eriochloa contract ) and windmillgrass ( Chloris verticillata ) response to glyphosate and acetyl-CoA carboxylase-inhibiting herbicides
Interference interactions of two rice cultivars and their F3 cross with barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ) in a replacement series study
Evaluation of four herbicides and tillage for weed control on third year growth of tree seedlings
Response of four canola populations to ethametsulfuron
Influence of wild oat ( Avena fatua ) relative time of emergence and density on cultivated oat yield, wild oat seed production, and wild oat contamination
Reducing herbicide runoff from agricultural fields with vegetative filter strips: a review
Introduction to the symposium Beyond thresholds: applying multiple tactics within integrated weed management systems
Integrating physical and cultural methods of weed control— examples from European research
Are many little hammers effective? Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) population dynamics in two- and four-year crop rotation systems
Symposium Research methodologies and statistical approaches for multitactic systems
Symposium Where are the bioherbicides?