Cloning and Expression Analysis of Alpha-Tubulin Genes in Water Foxtail (Alopecurus aequalis)
Absorption and Translocation of Aminocyclopyrachlor and Aminocyclopyrachlor-Methyl Ester in Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense)
Vapor Movement of Synthetic Auxin Herbicides
Functional Genomics Analysis of Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) with Special Reference to the Evolution of Non-Target-Site Glyphosate Resistance
Absorption and Translocation of Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, and Triclopyr in Old World Climbing Fern (Lygodium microphyllum)
Photosynthetic Response to Water Stress of Pigweed ( Amaranthus retroflexus ) in a Southern-Mediterranean Area
Growth and Reproduction of Junglerice (Echinochloa colona) in Response to Water Stress
Temperature and Light Requirements for Wild Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) Germination over a 12-Month Period following Maturation
Rapid and Effective Methods for Breaking Seed Dormancy in Buffalobur (Solanum rostratum)
Growth, Phenology, and Intraspecific Competition between Glyphosate-Resistant and Glyphosate-Susceptible Horseweeds ( Conyza canadensis) in the San Joaquin Valley of California
Nutrient Addition and Moisture Promote the Invasiveness of Crimson Fountaingrass ( Pennisetum setaceum)
Maternal Environment Effects on Common Groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) Seed Dormancy
Time Requirement from Pollination to Seed Maturity in Waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)
Manipulating Crop Row Orientation to Suppress Weeds and Increase Crop Yield