Induction of Polyphenol Oxidase Activity in Dormant Wild Oat ( Avena fatua ) Seeds and Caryopses
Bentgrass Distribution Surveys and Habitat Suitability Maps Support Ecological Risk Assessment in Cultural Landscapes
Biological Suppression of Velvetleaf ( Abutilon theophrasti ) in an Eastern Nebraska Soil
Integrating Management of Soil Nitrogen and Weeds
Detection of Sourgrass ( Digitaria insularis ) Biotypes Resistant to Glyphosate in Brazil
Compensatory Growth of Ludwigia ( Ludwigia hyssopifolia ) in Response to Interference of Direct-Seeded Rice
Seed Germination Ecology of Itchgrass ( Rottboellia cochinchinensis )
Backcrossing Provides an Avenue for Gene Introgression from Wheat to Jointed Goatgrass ( Aegilops cylindrica ) in the U.S. Great Plains
Genetic Diversity and Spread of Thiobencarb Resistant Early Watergrass ( Echinochloa oryzoides) in California
Weed Seed Persistence and Microbial Abundance in Long-Term Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems
Rapid Evolution of Herbicide Resistance by Low Herbicide Dosages
Variation in Field Pea ( Pisum sativum) Cultivars for Basal Branching and Weed Competition
Rolled Rye Mulch for Weed Suppression in Organic No-Tillage Soybeans
Selection of a Sunflower Line with Multiple Herbicide Tolerance That Is Reversed by the P450 Inhibitor Malathion
Potential Synergistic Effects of Cereal Rye Biomass and Soybean Planting Density on Weed Suppression
Glucosinolate and Isothiocyanate Production from Brassicaceae Cover Crops in a Plasticulture Production System
Herbicide Effect on Napiergrass ( Pennisetum purpureum ) Control
Anatomical Response of St. Augustinegrass to Aminocyclopyrachlor Treatment
A Single-Time Survey Method to Predict the Daily Weed Density for Weed Control Decision-Making
Robust Methods for Measurement of Leaf-Cover Area and Biomass from Image Data