Editorial for Weed Science, Volume 61
Review: Confirmation of Resistance to Herbicides and Evaluation of Resistance Levels
A Trp574 to Leu Amino Acid Substitution in the ALS Gene of Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ) Is Associated with Resistance to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides
Competition between ACCase-Inhibitor Resistant and Susceptible Sterile Wild Oat ( Avena sterilis ) Biotypes
Rapid Identification and Molecular Characterization of Phytoene Desaturase Mutations in Fluridone-Resistant Hydrilla ( Hydrilla verticillata )
Evaluation of the Interaction between Glyphosate and Glufosinate
Resistance to Glyphosate in Junglerice ( Echinochloa colona ) from California
Herbicide Resistance Endowed by Enhanced Rates of Herbicide Metabolism in Wild Oat ( Avena spp.)
Aminocyclopyrachlor Absorption, Translocation and Metabolism in Field Bindweed ( Convolvulus arvensis )
Response of Soybean Yield Components to 2,4-D
Distinctive Potassium-Accumulation Capability of Alligatorweed ( Alternanthera philoxeroides ) Links to High-Affinity Potassium Transport Facilitated by K+-Uptake Systems
Agricultural Weeds in Glyphosate-Resistant Cropping Systems in the United States
Growth Response of Itchgrass ( Rottboellia cochinchinensis ) to Water Stress
Drought Stress alters Solute Allocation in Broadleaf Dock ( Rumex obtusifolius )
Impact of Soil pH on Bahiagrass Competition with Giant Smutgrass ( Sporobolus indicus var. pyramidalis ) and Small Smutgrass ( Sporobolus indicus var. indicus )
Growth and Resource Use of the Invasive Grass, Pampasgrass ( Cortaderia selloana ), in Response to Nitrogen and Water Availability
Increased Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) Tuber Sprouting with Diurnally Fluctuating Temperatures
Fertilizer and Population Affects Nitrogen Assimilation of Common Lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) and Redroot Pigweed ( Amaranthus retroflexus )
Use of AFLP Markers to Assess Genetic Diversity in Palmer Amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) Populations from North Carolina and Georgia
Hydrothermal Emergence Model for Ripgut Brome ( Bromus diandrus )
Eucalyptus globulus Leaves Incorporated as Green Manure for Weed Control in Maize
Mechanical Termination of Diverse Cover Crop Mixtures for Improved Weed Suppression in Organic Cropping Systems