Advancing Weed Management Strategies Using Metagenomic Techniques
Multiple Resistance to Acetohydroxyacid Synthase-Inhibiting and Auxinic Herbicides in a Population of Oriental Mustard ( Sisymbrium orientale )
Differential Kochia ( Kochia scoparia ) Populations Response to Glyphosate
Methiozolin Absorption and Translocation in Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua )
Selectivity of Methiozolin for Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ) Control in Creeping Bentgrass as Influenced by Temperature and Application Timing
Absorption, Translocation, and Metabolism of Amicarbazone in Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ), Creeping Bentgrass ( Agrostis stolonifera ), and Tall Fescue ( Festuca arundinacea )
Seed Dormancy and Seedling Emergence in Ripgut Brome (Bromus diandrus) Populations in Southern Australia
The Potential Global Distribution of Tall Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris ssp. acris ): Opposing Effects of Irrigation and Climate Change
Effect of Low Temperature on Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) Reproductive Biology
Effect of Salinity on Growth of Barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ), Horse Purslane ( Trianthema portulacastrum ), Junglerice ( Echinochloa colona ), and Rice
Corn and Palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) Interactions with Nitrogen in Dryland and Irrigated Environments
Interference and Control of Glyphosate-Resistant and -Susceptible Palmer Amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) Populations under Greenhouse Conditions
Growth Characterization of Kochia ( Kochia scoparia ) with Substitutions at Pro197 or Trp574 Conferring Resistance to Acetolactate Synthase-Inhibiting Herbicides
Regeneration of Canada Thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) from Intact Roots and Root Fragments at Different Soil Depths
Glyphosate Resistance Does Not Affect Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Seedbank Longevity
Soil Microbial Root Colonization of Glyphosate-Treated Giant Ragweed ( Ambrosia trifida ), Horseweed ( Conyza canadensis ), and Common Lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) Biotypes
Annual Postdispersal Weed Seed Predation in Contrasting Field Environments
BAC Library Development and Clone Characterization for Dormancy-Responsive DREB4A, DAM, and FT from Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula) Identifies Differential Splicing and Conserved Promoter Motifs
Glyphosate- and Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitor-Resistant Kochia ( Kochia scoparia ) in Western Canada
Root Growth of Neighboring Maize and Weeds Studied with Minirhizotrons
Combining Cultural Practices with Herbicides Reduces Wild Oat ( Avena fatua ) Seed in the Soil Seed Bank and Improves Barley Yield
Nitrogen Release from Weed Residue