Wheat Cultivar Tolerance to AE F130060 03 1
Weed Control with Fall and Early-Preplant Herbicide Applications in No-Till Soybean 1
Tolerance of White Beans to Postemergence Broadleaf Herbicides 1
Common Sunflower ( Helianthus annuus ) and Green Foxtail ( Setaria viridis ) Interference in Dry Bean 1
Response of Common Lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) to Glyphosate Application Timing and Rate in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn 1
2,4-D Rate Response, Absorption, and Translocation of Two Ground Ivy ( Glechoma hederacea ) Populations 1
Imazamox for Winter Annual Grass Control in Imidazolinone-Tolerant Winter Wheat 1
Glyphosate Efficacy on Velvetleaf Varies with Application Time of Day 1
The Effect of Herbicides and Crop Rotation on Weed Control in Glyphosate-Resistant Crops 1
Late-Season Common Waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis ) Interference in Narrow- and Wide-Row Soybean 1
Reduced Tillage, Rye Residues, and Herbicides Influence Weed Suppression and Yield of Pumpkins 1
Snap Bean Tolerance to Herbicides in Ontario 1
Effect of Separate and Combined Applications of Herbicides on Weed Control and Yield of Sugar Beet 1
Relative Tolerance of Four Cool-Season Turfgrass Species to Sulfosulfuron 1
Sweet Corn Cultivar Sensitivity to Bentazon 1
Winter Wheat Cultivar Characteristics Affect Annual Weed Suppression 1
Late-Emerging Common Waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis ) Interference in Conventional Tillage Corn 1
Herbicide Timing and Rate Effects on Weed Management in Three Herbicide-Resistant Canola Systems 1
Effects of Phosphorus Fertilization on the Area of Influence of Common Lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) in Lettuce 1
Weed Management in Imidazolinone-Resistant Corn with Imazapic 1
Effect of No-Till or Conventional Planting and Cover Crops Residues on Weed Emergence in Vegetable Row Crop 1
Effect of Growth Stage on Trifloxysulfuron and Glyphosate Efficacy in Twelve Weed Species of Citrus Groves 1
Potential Use of Imazethapyr Mixtures in Drill-Seeded Imidazolinone-Resistant Rice 1
Downy Brome ( Bromus tectorum ) Response to Imazamox Rate and Application Timing in Herbicide-Resistant Winter Wheat 1
Weed Management in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn with Glyphosate and Halosulfuron 1
Redvine ( Brunnichia ovata ) and Trumpetcreeper ( Campsis radicans ) Management in Glufosinate- and Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean 1
Herbicides Reduce Seed Production in Reproductive-Stage Yellow Starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ) 1
Response of Creeping Bentgrass ( Agrostis stolonifera ) to Fall Applications of Bensulide and Dithiopyr 1
Preemergence Weed Control in Soybean with Cloransulam 1
Horsenettle ( Solanum carolinense ) Control in Tall Fescue ( Festuca arundinacea ) and Clover ( Trifolium sp.) Pastures with Mixtures of 2,4-D and Picloram 1
Imazethapyr is Safe and Effective for Imidazolinone-Tolerant Rice Grown on Coarse-Textured Soils 1
Evaluating the Potential for Site-Specific Herbicide Application in Soybean 1
Evaluation of Mesotrione in Mississippi Delta Corn Production 1
Star-of-Bethlehem ( Ornithogalum umbellatum ) Control with Postemergence Herbicides in Dormant Bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon ) Turf 1
Genetic Variation in Native and Introduced Populations of Tropical Soda Apple ( Solanum viarum ) 1
Determining Exposure to Auxin-Like Herbicides. I. Quantifying Injury to Cotton and Soybean 1
Determining Exposure to Auxin-Like Herbicides. II. Practical Application to Quantify Volatility 1
Developing National Research Teams: A Case Study with the Jointed Goatgrass Research Program 1
The Status of Weed Science at Universities and Experiment Stations in the Northeastern United States 1
Reduced Herbicide Rates—A Canadian Perspective 1