Invasive Plants in Natural and Managed Systems—Linking Science and Management
Linking Science and Management to Mitigate Impacts of Nonnative Plants 1
A Framework for Prioritizing Sleeper Weeds for Eradication 1
The Control of a Highly Invasive Tree Cinchona pubescens in Galapagos 1
Successional Changes in Himalayan Alpine Vegetation
Microclimatic Constraints and Revegetation Planning in a Variable Environment 1
Biology of Pathways for Invasive Weeds 1
Insights to Invasive Species Dynamics from Desertification Studies 1
The Exotic Flora of Chad
Implications of Invasive Species for Belowground Community and Nutrient Processes 1
Selection of Models of Invasive Species Dynamics 1
New Methodologies for Analyzing and Predicting Alien Plant Invasions from Species and Ecosystem Traits 1
Assessment of the Abundance and Distribution of the Aquatic Plants and Their Impacts in the Senegal River Delta
Using Ecological Theory to Guide the Implementation of Augmentative Restoration 1
Local- Vs. Landscape-Scale Indirect Effects of an Invasive Weed on Native Plants 1
Purple Loosestrife ( Lythrum salicaria ) Control with Herbicides
Endogenous Risk as a Tool for Nonindigenous Species Management 1
Monitoring Nonnative Plant Invasions Over Fifty Years in Wisconsin Forests 1
Host-Pathogen Life History Interactions Affect Biological Control Success 1
An Adaptive Management Framework for Linking Science and Management of Invasive Alien Plants 1
Revegetation Strategies After Saltcedar ( Tamarix spp.) Control in Headwater, Transitional, and Depositional Watershed Areas 1
Exotic Plants as Ecosystem Dominants 1
Extinction of a Common Native Species by Hybridization with an Invasive Congener 1
How Weed Lists Help Protect Native Biodiversity in New Zealand 1
Impact of Invasive Plants on the Structure and Composition of Natural Vegetation of Northwestern Indian Himalayas 1
The Role of Species Traits (Invasiveness) and Ecosystem Characteristics (Invasibility) in Grassland Invasions
Risk Assessment for Invasive Plant Species 1
Criteria for Listing Invasive Plants 1
Invasive Plants Threaten Segetal Weed Vegetation of South Hungary 1
Implications of Invasive Plant Variation for Weed Management 1
Establishment of Honey Locust ( Gleditsia triacanthos ) in Burned Pampean Grasslands 1
People and Time Explain the Distribution of Naturalized Plants in New Zealand 1
Modeling for Management of Invasive Species
A New Working Program on Invasive Alien Species Started by a Multinational European Organization Dedicated to Protecting Plants 1
Crassula helmsii in U.K. Ponds
Finding Endemic Soil-Based Controls for Weed Growth 1
Influence of Perennial Pepperweed ( Lepidium latifolium ) Biology and Plant-Soil Relationships on Management and Restoration 1
Strategies to Convert Exotic Grass Pastures to Tall Grass Prairie Communities 1
Invasion of Leucaena leucocephala and its Effects on the Native Plant Community in the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands 1
Invasion by Eucalyptus megacornuta of an Urban Bushland in Southwestern Australia 1
Plant Invasion Patches Revisited—Changes in Development 1
Concepts and Process to Control Invader Plants in and Around Natural Evergreen Forest in South Africa 1
Assessing the Economic Impact of Invasive Weeds
Strategies for Early Detection—Using the Wildfire Model 1
Genetic Variation in Melaleuca quinquenervia Affects the Biocontrol Agent Oxyops vitiosa 1
Economics of Weed Management
Predicting Invasive Species Impacts on Hydrological Processes
Assessing the Economic, Environmental, and Societal Losses from Invasive Plants on Rangeland and Wildlands 1
Genetic Analysis of Downy Brome ( Bromus tectorum ) and Medusahead ( Taeniatherum caput - medusae )
Survival of Shoebutton Ardisia ( Ardisia elliptica ) in Forested Wetlands After Cut-Stump Treatment with Triclopyr 1
Recovery Potential of Dune Ecosystems Invaded by an Exotic Acacia Species ( Acacia longifolia ) 1
Implementing Invasive Screening Procedures
Improving Biodiversity Knowledge with Data Set Synergy
Management of Invasive Exotic Weeds Requires Community Participation 1
Distinct Roles of Surveys, Inventories, and Monitoring in Adaptive Weed Management 1
Why Don't Alien Conifers Invade the Białowieza Forest? 1
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Operations for Vegetation Mapping of Invasive Exotics 1
Effects of Exotic Species on Soil Nitrogen Cycling
New Approaches for Early Detection and Rapid Response to Invasive Plants in the United States 1
Protecting Endangered Plant Species from Displacement by Invasive Plants on Maui, Hawaii 1
Effects of Nitrogen-Fixing Shrubs in Washington and Coastal California 1
Citizens as Propagules for Exotic Plants
Quarantine Pathway Pest Risk Analysis at the APHIS Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory 1
Selection for Resistance in Invasive Plants 1
Assessing Ecological Risk of Invasive Alien Plants in South Korea 1
Distributions of Naturalized Alien Plants in South Korea 1
Management of Weed Seedbanks in the Context of Populations and Communities 1
Conflicting Values and Common Goals
The Role of Alien and Native Weeds in the Deterioration of Archaeological Remains in Italy 1
Management of Plant Invasions
Exotic Grasslands on Reclaimed Midwestern Coal Mines
Population Genetics of Invasions
The Management of Invasive Plants in the United States
Comparing Invasive Plants from Their Native and Exotic Range
Saltcedar ( Tamarix spp.), Endangered Species, and Biological Weed Control—Can They Mix? 1
Geographical Patterns in Native and Exotic Weeds of Mexico 1
Principles of Weed Management in Agroecosystems and Wildlands 1
Contributions of Weed Science to Weed Control and Management 1
Are Functional Guilds More Realistic Management Units Than Individual Species for Restoration? 1
Ecological Resistance in Theory and Practice 1
Models for Improving the Targeting and Implementation of Biological Control of Weeds 1