White Clover ( Trifolium repens ) Control and Flower Head Suppression in Apple Orchards 1
Effect of Glyphosate and MSMA Application Timing on Weed Control, Fruiting Patterns, and Yield in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton 1
Response of Horseweed Biotypes to Foliar Applications of Cloransulam-methyl and Glyphosate 1
Dynamic Benefit-Cost Analysis for Controlling Perennial Pepperweed ( Lepidium latifolium ): A Case Study 1
Cotton Response to CGA-362622 Applied Alone and in Combination with Selected Insecticides 1
Response of ‘TifEagle’ Bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon × Cynodon transvaalensis ) to Ethephon and Trinexapac-ethyl 1
Yield and Physiological Response of Flue-Cured Tobacco to Simulated Glyphosate Drift 1
Control of Italian Ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum ) in Winter Wheat 1
Effect of Herbicide Systems on Weed Shifts in Soybean and Cotton 1
Effect of Soil Disturbance on Annual Weed Emergence in the Northeastern United States 1
Influence of Spring Tillage and Glyphosate Treatment on Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale ) Control in Glyphosate-Resistant Canola 1
Fenoxaprop Interactions for Barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ) Control in Rice 1
Canada Thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) and Pasture Forage Responses to Wiping with Various Herbicides 1
Response of Rice Cultivars to V-10029 1
Preemergence Herbicide and Glyphosate Effects on Seedling Diseases in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton 1
The Effect of Season of Picloram and Chlorsulfuron Application on Dalmatian Toadflax ( Linaria genistifolia ) on Prescribed Burns 1
Weed Management with Oxyfluorfen and Napropamide in Mulched Strawberry 1
Diflufenzopyr Influences Leafy Spurge ( Euphorbia esula ) and Canada Thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) Control by Herbicides 1
Sweet Corn Hybrid Sensitivity to Clopyralid 1
Effects of Halosulfuron on Weed Control in Commercial Honeydew Crops 1
Responses of Dry Beans to Flumioxazin 1
Effect of Herbicides on Field Violet ( Viola arvensis ) in Direct-Seeded Spring Wheat 1
Effect of Additives and Small Grain Herbicides on the Efficacy of AE F130060 03 plus AE F107892 in Barley 1
Time of Removal of Crownbeard ( Verbesina encelioides ) on Peanut Yield 1
Broadleaf Weed Management in Grain Sorghum with Reduced Rates of Postemergence Herbicides 1
Response of Five Vegetable Crops to Isoxaflutole Soil Residues 1
Influence of Selected Fungicides on Efficacy of Clethodim and Sethoxydim 1
Comparison of Trifloxysulfuron and Pyrithiobac in Glyphosate-Resistant and Bromoxynil-Resistant Cotton 1
Postemergence Small Broomrape ( Orobanche minor ) Control in Red Clover 1
Italian Ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum ) Control in Newly Seeded Tall Fescue 1
Weed Management Systems in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton 1
Pyrithiobac and Insecticide Coapplication Effects on Cotton Tolerance and Broadleaf Weed and Thrips ( Frankliniella spp.) Control 1
Diclofop-Resistant Italian Ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum ) Control in Imidazolinone-Tolerant Wheat 1
Managing Volunteer Potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) in Field Corn with Mesotrione and Arthropod Herbivory 1
Sicklepod ( Senna obtusifolia ) Control and Seed Production after 2,4-DB Applied Alone and with Fungicides or Insecticides 1
Interactions of Clethodim and Sethoxydim with Selected Agrichemicals Applied to Peanut 1
Detection of Leafy Spurge ( Euphorbia esula ) Using Multidate High-Resolution Satellite Imagery 1
Increasing and Decreasing pH to Enhance the Biological Activity of Nicosulfuron 1
Effect of Flood Timing on Red Rice ( Oryza spp.) Control with Imazethapyr Applied at Different Dry-Seeded Rice Growth Stages 1
Experimental Substrate Affects Rate of Seed Removal in Assays of Invertebrate Seed Predation 1
HIDES: A Computer-Based Herbicide Injury Diagnostic Expert System 1
Survey of Soybean Weeds in Mississippi 1