Carfentrazone-Ethyl Injury to Spring Wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) Is Minimized by Some ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides 1
Composted Swine Manure Effects on Germination and Early Growth of Crop and Weed Species Under Greenhouse Conditions 1
Barley ( Hordeum vulgare ) and Wild Oat ( Avena fatua ) Competition Is Affected by Crop and Weed Density 1
Comparison of Glyphosate Products in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) and Corn ( Zea mays ) 1
Interactions of Late-Season Morningglory ( Ipomoea spp.) Management Practices in Peanut ( Arachis hypogaea ) 1
Control of Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) with Herbicides and Mowing 1
Germination-Temperature Profiles for Achenes of Yellow Starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ) 1
Control of Green and False-Green Kyllinga ( Kyllinga brevifolia and K. gracillima ) in Golf Course Fairways and Roughs 1
Response of Barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ) to Glyphosate Application Timing and Rate in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn ( Zea mays ) 1
Survey of Common Waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis ) Response to Protox- and ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides in Northeast Kansas 1
Absence of Interactive Responses of Early Soybean ( Glycine max ) Growth to Soybean Cyst Nematode ( Heterodera glycines ), Postemergence Herbicides, and Soil pH and Texture 1
Repeated Reduced Rates of Broadleaf Herbicides in Combination with Methylated Seed Oil for Postemergence Weed Control in Sugarbeet ( Beta vulgaris ) 1
Herbicides Tolerated by Cuphea ( Cuphea viscosissima × lanceolata ) 1
Efficacy of KIH-485 on Texas Panicum ( Panicum texanum ) and Selected Broadleaf Weeds in Corn 1
Weed Management in Southeastern Peanut with Diclosulam and Flumioxazin 1
Oat ( Avena sativa ) Response to Imazapic Residues 1
Rice ( Oryza sativa ) Response to Clomazone plus Bensulfuron and Halosulfuron 1
Tolerance of Maryland-Type Tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ) to Sulfentrazone 1
Flufenacet and Isoxaflutole Combinations for Weed Control and Corn ( Zea mays ) Tolerance 1
Sensitivity of Adzuki Bean ( Vigna angularis ) to Preplant-Incorporated Herbicides 1
Wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) Yield Response to Henbit ( Lamium amplexicaule ) Interference and Simulated Winterkill 1
Rice ( Oryza sativa ) Cultivar Tolerance to Clomazone in Water-Seeded Production 1
Response of Japanese Stiltgrass ( Microstegium vimineum ) to Application Timing, Rate, and Frequency of Postemergence Herbicides 1
Effect of Nozzle Type and Pressure on the Efficacy of Spray Applications of the Bioherbicidal Fungus Microsphaeropsis amaranthi 1
Proactive Versus Reactive Management of Glyphosate-Resistant or -Tolerant Weeds 1
Antagonism of Cyhalofop Grass Activity by Halosulfuron, Triclopyr, and Propanil 1
Optimizing Glyphosate Timing in a Mixed Stand of Glyphosate-Resistant/Conventional, Drill-Seeded Soybean 1
Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) Control with Glyphosate in Soybean and Cotton 1
Efficacy of Reduced Sulfentrazone Rates Applied Preemergence with Metribuzin in Potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) 1
Chemical Weed Control in Dryland and Irrigated Chickpea 1
Dimethenamid-p: Efficacy and Potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) Variety Tolerance 1
The Absolute-Log Method of Quantifying Relative Competitive Ability and Niche Differentiation 1
Response of Four Improved Seeded Bermudagrass Cultivars to Postemergence Herbicides during Seeded Establishment 1
Persistence and Carryover Effect of Imazapic and Imazapyr in Brazilian Cropping Systems 1
Weed Control in Corn ( Zea mays ) with an Imazethapyr Plus Imazapyr Prepackaged Mixture 1
Weed Control and Grain Sorghum ( Sorghum bicolor ) Response to Postemergence Applications of Atrazine, Pendimethalin, and Trifluralin 1
Southern Root-Knot Nematode Effect on Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) and Chile Pepper Response to Halosulfuron 1
Glyphosate Efficacy on Selected Weed Species Is Unaffected by Chemical Coapplication 1
Winter Cover Crop Growth and Weed Suppression on the Central Coast of California 1
Canada Thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) Control in Established Alfalfa ( Medicago sativa ) Grown for Seed Production 1
Effects of 2,4-D Formulation and Quinclorac on Spray Droplet Size and Deposition 1
Crop Tolerance and Weed Management Systems in Imidazolinone-Tolerant Corn ( Zea mays L.) 1
Cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) Response to Simulated Imazapic Residues 1
Alternative to Hand-Weeding Volunteer Potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) in Carrot ( Daucus carota ) 1
Evaluation of Corn ( Zea mays L.) Yield-loss Estimations by WeedSOFT ® in the North Central Region 1
Farmer Perceptions of Problematic Corn and Soybean Weeds in Indiana 1
Mile-a-Minute ( Polygonum perfoliatum ): An Increasingly Problematic Invasive Species 1