Biology and Control of Creeping Rivergrass ( Echinochloa polystachya ) in Rice
Aquatic Plant Management and the Impact of Emerging Herbicide Resistance Issues
Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed ( Conyza canadensis ) Control using Glyphosate-, Paraquat-, and Glufosinate-Based Herbicide Programs
Establishment Systems for Glyphosate-Resistant Alfalfa
Winter Annual Weed Control with Herbicides in Alfalfa-Orchardgrass Mixtures
Applications of Metribuzin for the Control of Rigid Brome ( Bromus rigidus ) in No-Till Barley Crops of Southern Australia
Organic Acid Enhancement of Pelargonic Acid
Influence of Fall and Early Spring Herbicide Applications on Winter and Summer Annual Weed Populations in No-Till Corn
Mowing-Induced Changes in Soil Seed Banks and Populations of Plumeless Thistle ( Carduus acanthoides ) and Musk Thistle ( Carduus nutans )
Weed Infestation in Turmeric in Okinawa, Japan
Critical Period of Weed Interference in Peanut
Critical Period of Grass vs. Broadleaf Weed Interference in Peanut
Utility of Reduced Rates of Diclosulam, Flumioxazin, and Imazapic for Weed Management in Peanut
Second-generation Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Tolerance to Combinations of Glyphosate with Insecticides and Mepiquat Chloride
Seeded Watermelon and Weed Response to Halosulfuron Applied Preemergence and Postemergence
The Effect of Herbicides and Cultural Practices on Weed Communities in Vineyards: An Ohio Survey
Weed Control and Bermudagrass Tolerance to Imazapic plus 2,4-D
Allelopathic Influence of Houndstongue ( Cynoglossum officinale ) and Its Modification by UV-B Radiation
Confirmation and Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in Arkansas
Influence of Flood Interval and Cultivar on Rice Tolerance to Penoxsulam
Palmer Amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) in Tennessee Has Low Level Glyphosate Resistance
Comparison of Leafy and Semileafless Pea for Integrated Weed Management
Water Management and Chemical Control of Red Rice ( Oryza punctata ) in Water-Seeded Imidazolinone-Resistant Rice
Herbicide Combinations in Tomato to Prevent Nutsedge ( Cyperus esulentus ) Punctures in Plastic Mulch for Multi-Cropping Systems
Cross Resistance of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase (ACCase) Inhibitor-Resistant Wild Oat ( Avena fatua ) biotypes in the Pacific Northwest
Concentration-Exposure Time Relationships for Controlling Sago Pondweed ( Stuckenia pectinata) with Endothall
Glyphosate Dose Affected Control of Field Dodder ( Cuscuta campestris ) in the Tropics
Postharvest Control of Russian thistle ( Salsola tragus ) with a Reduced Herbicide Applicator in the Pacific Northwest
Weed Management and Crop Response with Glyphosate, S -Metolachlor, Trifloxysulfuron, Prometryn, and MSMA in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
Integration of Conservation Tillage and Herbicides for Sustainable Dry Bean Production
Residue Management Tactics for Corn Following Spring Wheat
Weed Suppression by Canola and Mustard Cultivars
Season-Long Interference of American Black Nightshade with Watermelon
Weed Management Impacts on the Population Dynamics of Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton in Australia
Response of Pinto and Small Red Mexican Bean to Postemergence Herbicides
Red Rice ( Oryza sativa ) Status after 5 Years of Imidazolinone-Resistant Rice Technology in Arkansas
Technology Notes