Glufosinate-Resistant Corn Interference in Glufosinate-Resistant Cotton
Imazethapyr Use with and without Clomazone for Weed Control in Furrow-Irrigated, Imidazolinone-Tolerant Rice
Efficacy of Sulfonylurea Herbicides when Tank Mixed with Mesotrione
Effect of Perennial Ryegrass Overseeding on Weed Suppression and Sward Composition
Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass Tolerance to Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides
Soil Temperature as an Application Indicator for Perennial Ryegrass Control
Seed Head Suppression of Knotroot Foxtail ( Setaria parviflora ) in Bahiagrass ( Paspalum notatum ) Grown for Seed
Response of Seeded and Transplanted Summer Squash to S -Metolachlor Applied at Planting and Postemergence
Spray Adjuvants Influence Bispyribac-Sodium Efficacy for Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ) Control in Cool-Season Turf Grass
Distance and Severity of Creeping Bentgrass Injury from Mower-Dislodged Sulfonylurea Herbicides
Perennial Crop Nurseries Treated with Methyl Bromide and Alternative Fumigants: Effects on Weed Seed Viability, Weed Densities, and Time Required for Hand Weeding
Mesotrione plus Prodiamine for Smooth Crabgrass ( Digitaria ischaemum ) Control in Established Bermudagrass Turf
Greater Interference from Living Mulches than Weeds in Organic Broccoli Production
Broadcast vs. Wet-Blade Herbicide Applications for Southern Wax Myrtle ( Myrica cerifera ) Control
Flame Weeding Effects on Several Weed Species
Palmer Amaranth and Large Crabgrass Growth with Plasticulture-Grown Bell Pepper
Effects of Environmental Factors on Germination and Emergence of Swallowwort
Contrasting Responses of Weed Communities and Crops to 12 Years of Tillage and Fertilization Treatments
Weed Seed Production as Influenced by Glyphosate Applications at Flowering across a Weed Complex
Assessing the Impact of Educating Growers about Proper Use of Atrazine in Pesticide Applicator Recertification Programs
A Field Survey to Determine Distribution and Frequency of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed ( Conyza canadensis ) in Indiana
Perceptions and Beliefs about Weed Management: Perspectives of Ohio Grain and Produce Farmers
Comparison of Flazasulfuron to Pyridine Herbicides for Virginia Buttonweed (Diodia virginiana) Control
Postemergence Southern Crabgrass (Digitaria ciliaris) Control with Sulfonylurea Herbicides
Response of Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean to Glyphosate During Reproductive Development
Introduction: The Challenges of Minor Crop Weed Control, Future Directions
The Challenges of Specialty Crop Weed Control, Future Directions
The Role of IR-4 in the Herbicide Registration Process for Specialty Food Crops
Multispectral Machine Vision Identification of Lettuce and Weed Seedlings for Automated Weed Control
Industry Views of Minor Crop Weed Control
Technology Notes