Response of Corn to Preemergence and Postemergence Applications of Saflufenacil
Evaluation of Spring and Fall Burndown Application Timings on Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) in No-Till Cotton
Adjuvants Influenced Saflufenacil Efficacy on Fall-Emerging Weeds
Time of Day Impacts Postemergence Weed Control in Corn
Weed Control and Crop Response to Glufosinate Applied to ‘PHY 485 WRF’ Cotton
Selecting for Weed Resistance: Herbicide Rotation and Mixture
Multiple Season Reductions in Herbicide, Downy Brome ( Bromus tectorum ), and Irrigation in Corn
Strategies for Control of Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) and Other Winter Annual Weeds in No-Till Corn
In-Crop and Autumn-Applied Glyphosate Reduced Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) Density in No-Till Glyphosate-Resistant Corn and Soybean
Weed Control and Yield with Flumioxazin, Fomesafen, and S -Metolachlor Systems for Glufosinate-Resistant Cotton Residual Weed Management
A 2-Year Small Grain Interval Reduces Need for Herbicides in No-Till Soybean
Sequential Applications for Mesosulfuron and Nitrogen Needed in Wheat
Swamp Dodder (Cuscuta gronovii) Management in Carrot Production
Response of Three Annual Medic Species to Postemergence Herbicides
Weed Management in Glyphosate- and Glufosinate-Resistant Sugar Beet
Creeping Bentgrass ( Agrostis stolonifera ) Putting Green Tolerance to Bispyribac-Sodium
Efficacy Comparison of Some New Natural-Product Herbicides for Weed Control at Two Growth Stages
Weed Response to Flame Weeding at Different Developmental Stages
Vegetable Response to Herbicides Applied to Low-Density Polyethylene Mulch Prior to Transplant
Influence of Diflufenzopyr Addition to Picolinic Acid Herbicides for Russian Knapweed (Acroptilon repens) Control
Weed Growth and Efficacy of PRE-Applied Herbicides in Alternative Rooting Substrates Used in Container-Grown Nursery Crops
Halosulfuron Resistance in Smooth Pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus) Populations
An Updated Inventory of Mistletoe (Plicosepalus acaciae and Viscum cruciatum) Distribution in Jordan, Hosts, and Severity of Infestation
Identification of a Johnsongrass ( Sorghum halepense ) Biotype Resistant to ACCase-Inhibiting Herbicides in Northern Greece
Weed Community Emergence Time Affects Accuracy of Predicted Corn Yield Loss by WeedSOFT
Development of a Laboratory Bioassay and Effect of Soil Properties on Sulfentrazone Phytotoxicity in Soil
A Survey in the Southern Grain Belt of Western Australia Did Not Find Conyza Spp. Resistant to Glyphosate
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