Effect of Pendimethalin Formulation and Application Rate on Cotton Fruit Partitioning
Effect of Postemergence Mesotrione Application Timing on Grain Sorghum
Herbicide Combinations for Control of Volunteer Potato
Weed Control and Yield Comparisons of Twin- and Single-Row Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Production Systems
Control of Flaxleaf Fleabane ( Conyza bonariensis ) in Wheat and Sorghum
Weed-Competitive Ability of Spring and Winter Cereals in the Northern Great Plains
Tolerance of Fresh-Market Tomato to Postemergence-Directed Imazosulfuron, Halosulfuron, and Trifloxysulfuron
Alternanthera philoxeroides in New South Wales, Australia: Are We Closer to Control of Alligator Weed?
Response of Diploid Watermelon to Imazosulfuron POST
Comparison of Herbicide Programs for Weed Control in Glyphosate-Resistant Alfalfa
Significance of Atrazine in Sweet Corn Weed Management Systems
Sensitivity of Leguminous Crops to Saflufenacil
Effects of Adjuvants, Halosulfuron, and Grass Herbicides on Cucurbita spp. Injury and Grass Control
Multiple Applications of Reduced-Rate Herbicides for Weed Control in Onion
Interactive Effects of Soil pH, Halosulfuron Rate, and Application Method on Carryover to Turnip Green and Cabbage
Evaluation of Bioherbicidal Control of Tropical Signalgrass, Crabgrass, Smutgrass, and Torpedograss
Characterizing Weed Populations in Different Turfgrass Sites throughout the Klang Valley of Western Peninsular Malaysia
Influence and Legacy of Raghavan Charudattan in Biological Control of Weeds
A Complex Coacervate Formulation for Delivery of Colletotrichum truncatum 00–003B1
Bioherbicide Safety Zones and the Plant Disease-Inoculum Density Relationship
Bioassay of the Herbicidal Activity of AAC-Toxin Produced by Alternaria alternata Isolated from Ageratina adenophora
A Historical Perspective of Pathogen Biological Control of Aquatic Plants
A Reflection on My Research in Weed Biological Control: Using What We Have Learned for Future Applications
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