Effects of Planting Pattern and Cultivar on Weed and Crop Growth in Aerobic Rice System
Herbicide Programs for Enhanced Glyphosate-Resistant and Glufosinate-Resistant Cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum )
Weed Control, Environmental Impact, and Economics of Weed Management Strategies in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean
Weed Management and Cotton Yield under Two Row Spacings in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems Utilizing Conventional, Glufosinate-, and Glyphosate-based Weed Management Systems
Use of Imazosulfuron in Herbicide Programs for Drill-Seeded Rice ( Oryza sativa ) in the Mid-South United States
Comparison of Weed Management Programs for Furrow-Irrigated and Flooded Hybrid Rice Production in Arkansas
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Tolerance of Six Zoysiagrass Cultivars to Aminocyclopyrachlor
Differential Response of Liverwort ( Marchantia polymorpha ) Tissue to POST-Applied Quinoclamine
Response of Dry Bulb Onion, Sugar Beet, and Pinto Beans to Imazosulfuron Soil Residues
Application Timing Affects Bermudagrass Suppression with Mixtures of Fluazifop and Triclopyr
Effectiveness of Sulfosulfuron and Quinclorac for Weed Control during Switchgrass Establishment
Effects of Soil vs. Foliar Application of Amicarbazone on Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua )
Effect of Simulated Aminocyclopyrachlor Drift on Flue-Cured Tobacco
Western Snowberry ( Symphoricarpos occidentalis ) Control with Aminopyralid and Metsulfuron
Herbicide Choice and Timing for Weed Control in Imidazolinone-Resistant Lentil
Evaluation of Herbicides and Mowing on Catbriar ( Smilax bona-nox ) in Oklahoma Rangeland
Conversion of ‘Tifway’ Bermudagrass Stands to ‘Zorro’ Zoysiagrass Turf using Combinations of Dazomet and EPTC
Potato Response to Simulated Glyphosate Drift
Reliability of a Visual Recognition System for Detection of Johnsongrass ( Sorghum halepense ) in Corn
Phenotypic Plasticity of Chinese Sprangletop ( Leptochloa chinensis ) in Competition with Seeded Rice
Resistance to Acetolactate Synthase and Acetyl Co-A Carboxylase Inhibitors in North Carolina Italian Ryegrass ( Lolium perenne )
Texasweed ( Caperonia palustris ) Can Survive and Reproduce in 30-cm Flood
Confirmation of Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass ( Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum ) in Arkansas
Assessing and Visualizing Agricultural Management Practices: A Multivariable Hands-On Approach for Education and Extension
Sodium Chloride Efficacy for Smooth Crabgrass ( Digitaria ischaemum ) Control and Safety to Common Bermudagrass and Seashore Paspalum
Vegetative Reproduction Potential of Common Purslane ( Portulaca oleracea )