Weed Ecology and Weed Management Strategies for Dry-Seeded Rice in Asia
Response of Aryloxyphenoxypropionate-Resistant Grain Sorghum to Quizalofop at Various Rates and Application Timings
Evaluation of Imazosulfuron for Broadleaf Weed Control in Drill-Seeded Rice
Economic Evaluations of Imazethapyr Rates and Timings on Rice
Confirmation and Management of Common Ragweed ( Ambrosia artemisiifolia ) Resistant to Diclosulam
Evaluation of Thiencarbazone-methyl- and Isoxaflutole-Based Herbicide Programs in Corn
Response of Advanced Cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata ) Breeding Lines to Halosulfuron-Methyl
PRE and POST Control of Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ) with Indaziflam
Vegetable Crop Response to EPTC Applied Preemergence Under Low-Density Polyethylene and High Barrier Plastic Mulch
Purple Nutsedge ( Cyperus rotundus ) and False-Green Kyllinga ( Kyllinga gracillima ) Control in Bermudagrass Turf
Response of Giant Reed ( Arundo donax ) to Asulam and Trifloxysulfuron
Control of Morningglories ( Ipomoea spp.) in Sugarcane ( Saccharum spp.)
Controlling Grass Weeds on Hard Surfaces: Effect of Time Intervals between Flame Treatments
Using Plant Growth Regulators to Limit Herbicide-Induced Stem Fragmentation of Aquatic Alligatorweed ( Alternanthera philoxeroides )
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Evaluation of Tef as a Smother Crop during Transition to Organic Management
Evaluation of Thermal Implements and Organic Herbicides for Weed Control in a Nonbearing Almond ( Prunus dulcis ) Orchard
Effects of Simulated Rainfall on Disease Development and Weed Control of the Bioherbicidal Fungi Alternaria cassiae and Colletotrichum truncatum
Growth, Reproductive Potential, and Control Strategies for Deeproot Sedge ( Cyperus entrerianus )
ACCase-Inhibiting Herbicide-Resistant Avena spp. Populations from the Western Australian Grain Belt
Economic Evaluation of Common Sunflower ( Helianthus annuus ) Competition in Field Corn
Creeping Bentgrass ( Agrostis stolonifera ) Golf Green Tolerance to Bispyribac-Sodium Tank-Mixed with Paclobutrazol
Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitor-Resistant False Cleavers ( Galium spurium ) in Western Canada
Acetolactate Synthase (ALS) Inhibitor-Resistant Wild Buckwheat ( Polygonum convolvulus ) in Alberta
Air-Propelled Abrasive Grit for Postemergence In-Row Weed Control in Field Corn