Response of Rice to Drift Rates of Glyphosate Applied at Low Carrier Volumes
Influence of Deep Tillage, a Rye Cover Crop, and Various Soybean Production Systems on Palmer Amaranth Emergence in Soybean
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Weed Interference Impacts and Yield Recovery after Four Years of Variable Crop Inputs in No-Till Barley and Canola
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Evaluation of Tillage and Herbicide Interaction for Amaranthus Control in Cotton
Effect of Coapplied Glyphosate, Pyrithiobac, Pendimethalin, or S -Metolachlor on Cotton Injury, Growth, and Yield
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Effect of Ambient Moisture on Aminocyclopyrachlor Efficacy
Impact of Fallow Programs and Fumigants on Nutsedge ( Cyperus spp.) Management in Plasticulture Tomato
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Tolerance of Hooker's Evening Primrose ( Oenothera elata ) Transplants to Postemergence Herbicides
Host Impact and Specificity of Tortoise Beetle ( Cassida rubiginosa ) on Canada Thistle ( Cirsium arvense ) in Iran
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Combinations of Corn Gluten Meal, Clove Oil, and Sweep Cultivation are Ineffective for Weed Control in Organic Peanut Production
Tank Mixing Saflufenacil, Glufosinate, and Indaziflam Improved Burndown and Residual Weed Control