Efficacy of Preemergence Herbicides for Controlling a Dinitroaniline-Resistant Goosegrass ( Eleusine indica ) in Georgia
Influence of Clethodim Application Timing on Control of Volunteer Corn in Soybean
Increased Carrier Volume Improves Preemergence Control of Rigid Ryegrass ( Lolium rigidum ) in Zero-Tillage Seeding Systems
A Survey of Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis ) in Missouri Soybean Fields and Prediction of Glyphosate Resistance in Future Waterhemp Populations Based on In-Field Observations and Management Practices
Weed Control and Crop Safety with Premixed Pyrasulfotole and Bromoxynil in Grain Sorghum
Honeyvine Milkweed ( Cynanchum laeve ) Control in Plasticulture Bell Pepper Production
Influence of Dicamba and Dicamba plus Glyphosate Combinations on the Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp ( Amaranthus rudis )
Herbicide Options for Weed Control in Dry-Seeded Aromatic Rice in India
The Effect of Time of Day on the Activity of Postemergence Soybean Herbicides
Soybean Response to Dicamba Applied at Vegetative and Reproductive Growth Stages
Responses of an HPPD Inhibitor-Resistant Waterhemp ( Amaranthus tuberculatus ) Population to Soil-Residual Herbicides
Camelina ( Camelina sativa ) Tolerance to Selected Preemergence Herbicides
Effect of Selective Amicarbazone Placement on Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua ) and Creeping Bentgrass Growth
Poison Ivy ( Toxicodendron radican ) Control with Triclopyr and Metsulfuron, Applied Alone and in Tank Mixture
Rate and Application Timing Effects on Tolerance of Covington Sweetpotato to S -Metolachlor
Tolerance Evaluation of Vegetatively Established Miscanthus × giganteus to Herbicides
Bell Pepper ( Capsicum annuum ) Tolerance to Imazosulfuron and Thifensulfuron-Methyl
Effect of PRE and POST Herbicides on Carolina Redroot ( Lachnanthes caroliniana ) Growth
Effect of Annual Grass Cohort Age and Clipping on Herbicide Efficacy
Western Ragweed ( Ambrosia psilostachya ) Control and Bermudagrass Response to Diflufenzopyr Tank-Mix Combinations
Response of Processing Tomato to Simulated Bromoxynil Drift Followed by In-Crop Metribuzin Application
Japanese Bindweed ( Calystegia hederacea ) Abundance and Response to Winter Wheat Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Fertilization in the North China Plain
Consultant Perspectives on Weed Management Needs in Midsouthern United States Cotton: A Follow-Up Survey
Adoption of Best Management Practices for Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Midsouthern United States Cotton, Rice, and Soybean
Response of Four Summer Annual Weed Species to Mowing Frequency and Height
Potential Damage to Sensitive Landscape Plants from Wood Chips of Aminocyclopyrachlor Damaged Trees
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