Brevity Is Next to Godliness
Effect of an Inpatient Nurse-Directed Smoking Cessation Program
Factors Associated With the Self-Reported Health Status of Female Caregivers of AIDS Patients
Commentary by Cadell
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Impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act on Participant Recruitment and Retention
Clinical Constructions by Nurses in Korea, Norway, and the United States
Father and Adolescent Son Variables Related to Son's HIV Prevention1
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Mothers' Experience Supporting Life Adjustment in Children With T1DM
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Milieu Change and Relocation Adjustment in Elders
The Association of Diabetes and Older Age With the Absence of Chest Pain During Acute Coronary Syndromes
A Physical Activity Internet Intervention to Reduce Coronary Heart Disease Risk in the Metabolic Syndrome Population
Socioeconomic Disparity in Provider Delivered Assistance to Quit Smoking
Adolescent Risky Behaviors and Alcohol Use
Perspectives of HIV-Infected Women Who Have Significant Adherence Difficulties
Orexin-A Is Involved in Posterior Hypothalmic-Induced Analgesia in a Neuropathic Pain Model
Nurses' Cognitive Representations of Children's Pain
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