Lakes Hula and Agmon: destruction and creation of wetland ecosystems in northern Israel
Climatic and hydrological aspects of the Hula restoration project
Biogeochemical evolution of a sulfur-iron rich aquatic system in a reflooded wetland environment (Lake Agmon, northern Israel)
General water chemistry and quality in newly-created subtropical wetland lake
Phytoplankton-metaphyton seasonal dynamics in a newly-created subtropical wetland lake
Development of macrophytic vegetation in the Agmon Wetland of Israel by spontaneous colonization and reintroduction
Temporal variation in fish community structure in a newly created wetland lake (Lake Agmon) in Israel
Repopulation and colonization by birds in the Agmon Wetland, Israel
Foraging, roosting, and nesting habitats of the avian fauna of the Agmon wetland, northern Israel