Introduction to the symposium: woodland vernal pools in northern temperate forests
Temporary forest pools: can we see the water for the trees?
A review of vertebrate community composition in seasonal forest pools of the northeastern United States
Habitat associations of pool-breeding amphibians in eastern Massachusetts, USA
Canopy closure and amphibian diversity in forested wetlands
The relative importance of wetland size and hydroperiod for amphibians in southern New Hampshire, USA
Can road mortality limit populations of pool-breeding amphibians?
Conserving pool-breeding amphibians in human-dominated landscapes through local implementation of Best Development Practices
Double-observer approach to estimating egg mass abundance of pool-breeding amphibians
Macroinvertebrate community structure across a wetland hydroperiod gradient in southern New Hampshire, USA
A review of basin morphology and pool hydrology of isolated ponded wetlands: implications for seasonal forest pools of the northeastern United States
Estimating hydroperiod suitability for breeding amphibians in southern Rhode Island seasonal forest ponds
Protecting vernal pools: a model from Massachusetts, USA