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Primary production in papyrus ( Cyperus papyrus L.) of Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria, Tanzania
Linkages between seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh as fish habitat in the Botany Bay estuary, New South Wales
Resource dependence and attitudes of local people toward conservation of Kabartal wetland: a case study from the Indo-Gangetic plains
Trace metal contents in water and sediments in Samborombón Bay wetland, Argentina
Nursery ground value of an endangered wetland to juvenile shrimps
The importance of shading by riparian vegetation and wetlands in fish survival in stagnant water holes, Great Ruaha River, Tanzania
Power analysis to determine sample size for monitoring vegetation change in salt marsh habitats
Effects of salinity on photosynthesis, leaf anatomy, ion accumulation and photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency in five Indian mangroves
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