Modifications to the bottomless lift net for sampling nekton in tidal mangrove forests
Preliminary analysis of the fish species of the Pacific Central American Mangrove of Zancudo, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Hurricane storm surge and amphibian communities in coastal wetlands of northwestern Florida
Distribution and population structure of four Central Amazonian high-várzea timber species
Effects of local and landscape-scale habitat variables on abundance and reproductive success of wetland birds
A multi-scale approach to prioritize wetland restoration for watershed-level water quality improvement
Practical techniques for mapping small patches of mangroves
Hydrologic and mechanical control for an invasive wetland plant, Juncus ingens , and implications for rehabilitating and managing Murray River floodplain wetlands, Australia
Control of Lepidium latifolium (perennial pepperweed) and recovery of native plants in tidal marshes of the San Francisco Estuary
Establishing mollusk colonization and assemblage patterns in planted mangrove stands of different ages in Lingayen Gulf, Philippines
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