Performance of Super-Orthogonal Convolutional Coding for Ultra-Wideband Systems in Multipath and Multiuser Channels

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This paper investigates the application of super-orthogonal convolutional codes (SOCC) to a direct-sequence based ultra- wideband (DS-UWB) system under a realistic environment including inter-symbol interference (ISI) and multiuser interference (MUI). The effect of MUI and ISI on the performance of SOCC is analyzed by using both maximum ratio combining (MRC) RAKE receiver and minimum mean-squared error (MMSE) RAKE receiver followed by matched filter receiver. The analysis shows that in the case of employing simple MRC-RAKE receiver, the performance of SOCC is ffected by MUI and ISI because of the short length of the spreading sequence. In order to combat MUI and ISI, a code-hopping scheme is proposed in conjunction with SOCC. The results show that SOCC scheme outperforms the higher-rate conventional convolutional coded scheme for multipath and multiple access channels. Furthermore, the use of MMSE-RAKE receiver to suppress interference is analyzed and the subsequent increase of the system capacity is observed.

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