A Generalized Modified Suzuki Model with Sectored and Inhomogeneous Diffuse Scattering Component

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This paper presents a mixture stochastic process by multiplying a Weibull process with a lognormal one. The first one models the possible scattering non-uniformities of the channel, whereas the second accounts for the slow term variations of the local mean due to shadowing. Moreover we incorporate sectored arrival of multipath power (anisotropic scattering) via a correlation scheme between the zero mean Gaussian processes, generating the Rayleigh part of the Weibull process. An exact solution for the mixture probability density function (PDF) will be given, together with approximate solutions for the second order statistics, level crossing rate (LCR) and average duration of fades (ADF's). The validity of the approximate solutions will be tested via an efficient simulation scheme, which implements the analytical model on a digital computer. Finally a curve fitting of the LCR to real world data, drawn from channel measurements, will demonstrate the flexibility and usefulness of the proposed model.

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