A Comprehensive Approach to Signaling, Transmission, and Traffic Management for Wireless ATM Networks

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We propose and evaluate a signaling and transmission algorithmic system for wireless digital networks, in conjunction with a Traffic Monitoring Algorithm (TMA) for dynamic capacity allocation in multimedia ATM environments. The deployed signaling protocol is stable, and two transmission techniques are compared: a Framed Time-Domain Based (FTDB) technique and a Framed CDMA (FCDMA) technique. The overall signaling/transmission/traffic monitoring proposed system has powerful performance characteristics, while the TMA-FTDB combination is superior to the TMA-FCDMA combination in environments where message lengths are relatively short and the speed of the transmission lines is relatively low. We also evaluate a system deploying the Ethernet protocol as a signaling protocol, instead. In the presence of relatively tight admission delay constraints in signaling, the latter is significantly inferior to our proposed signaling technique. As the above admission delay constraints diminish, the Ethernet protocol breaks down, while our proposed signaling technique maintains its high performance characteristics.

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